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Tuition, books, room and board at CACC is set at US$1200 per semester (US$2400 per year). This seems to be a very small amount for a 4 year, accredited bachelor degree program. Especially compared to colleges in the US which average around $20,000 per year. However, for most young people living in Sub-Saharan Africa, $2,400 per year is almost an impossible number.

Our mission at CACC is to Train the hundreds who will reach the thousands! Our desire is to find quality young men and women who desire above all else to train, study and prepare for a lifetime of ministry and Christian service as teachers, preachers and missionaries in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana and South Africa.

This is why we have set up the CACC Student Scholarship and Sponsorship program.  Ultimately, both achieve the same purpose, but there is a difference. 

Student Scholarship Fund

Every student accepted at CACC will be carefully interviewed and vetted focusing on Christian character, sound doctrine and a desire for a life of Christian service. Potential students must have the academic qualifications, good references and a recommendation from their home church. When a student is accepted at CACC they can apply for a 4 year scholarship. This could be anywhere from 10%-90% of tuition based on need, church affiliation, academics and other factors.  However, the majority of students will be receiving the big 90% Mike Grooms scholarship. Those students who would be unable to come up with the remaining 10% are still allowed admission into CACC with future arrangements made for repayment and/or extra work-study. 


At CACC, we are committed to these two guiding principles:

  1. No qualified student who has desire to come to CACC for the right reasons will be denied an opportunity due to finances.

  2. Every student at CACC will work on campus as part of their tuition and training.


The scholarship fund for CACC students is named, The Mike Grooms scholarship fund and it was established in 2015 in honor of Mike Grooms. Mike and his wife Enise were missionaries and urban church workers who believed there was no greater investment one could make than to invest in training Christian workers. Mike died in 2015 after a long bout with cancer and though he and Enise had very little in earthly possession, after his death, Enise immediately gave $10,000 from Mike’s small life insurance policy to Hippo Valley Christian Mission to use for Preacher training even though this left her with very little ($10,000 was more than a tithe as it was a small policy). Enise would just say that she trusted God to provide for her. 


The story of this generous gift was told and written about in an HVCM newsletter and several others, inspired by her faith, wanted to give as well and the Mike Grooms scholarship was born.

Since 2015, more than a dozen students have benefited in Zimbabwe from this fund and thanks to the gifts that came in after the fact, the initial principle of $10,000 has still not been used.  Like the widow of Zarephath in 1Kings 17, the jar of oil does not run out and the barrel of flower never goes empty!

We need individuals and churches who also want to invest in the hundreds who will reach the thousands! You can make a one-time gift to the Mike Grooms scholarship fund or support it annually, monthly or any way you want. All money given to the Scholarship fund will be used directly to scholarship deserving students at CACC.

Direct Student Sponsorship Program

For those individuals or churches who want to get really involved in the life of CACC student we offer the Direct Student Sponsorship program. This is an opportunity to get invested directly with a CACC student  beyond just providing the scholarship. For a $200 per month ($2400 per year) 4 year commitment, you will not only be providing a full scholarship to a student from Central Africa, but you will also receive their personal profile and be able to email/message/zoom/face time directly with you student as a way of getting to know them and being an encouragement to them. You can even come to Zimbabwe for their graduation if you like! There is no limit to how involved and invested you can become with your student during their 4 years at CACC and even beyond. This is a great opportunity for an individual, family, church, Sunday School class or small group!

Whether you choose to just support the Mike Grooms scholarship fund or want a more hands-on direct sponsorship, either way, there is no greater investment on this earth than investing in training the hundreds who will reach the thousands!

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